The 2015 Challenge

555-reduxBefore we move on to the 2015 5writers5novels5months reprise, let’s get up to date. If you’ve followed this blog over the intervening time, you will have read about our ongoing efforts to finish or rewrite our original 5writers challenge books – and to start other projects.

So what became of the books that launched this blog in 2012?

For the most part, they’re still in the works. Some have been rewritten and are looking for a publisher. Some are on the shelf but have inspired new stories. Some are unfinished but still on the writer’s agenda. Some were just good learning experiences, projects that challenged the 5writers to learn the discipline of working to a deadline.

But the fact that we aren’t all famous yet hasn’t daunted us. It’s only made us better. And, hopefully, smarter, more disciplined and more determined.

So we’re doing it all again.

Because that’s what writers do. They write.


A new challenge for the 5writers

And we’d like to bring along some friends, so please consider signing up and writing along with us! Whether you’re writing a novel, a novella, some short stories, or something else, just put up your hand by sending us a message in the comments section below. We already have some other writers who’ve taken up the gauntlet, so join in the challenge and let us know what you’re up to. We’d welcome your comments or guest posts on our blog if you’re so inclined.

What can you expect if you jump in to the 2015 5writers challenge? First of all, you’ll be part of a group effort, not just a lone writer sitting in front of the screen by yourself. A little psychic support (but without someone looking over your shoulder) sounds good, doesn’t it? If you get stuck, or learn something useful, or want to celebrate an accomplishment … share it! Check out Paula’s post “My challenge: 1writer1novel5months”, and Joe’s post “A challenge to my writing friends” to learn more.

And remember, there’s no down side. If all we do is learn a bit from each other, cheer our writing friends on, and get that much closer to having a publishable book by deadline time, it’s all win-win-win!

And there’s always that possibility of meeting or exceeding your ultimate goal – the one you’re afraid to set because you’re afraid you might fail. Maybe this is your time to break through. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Our new challenge started on, appropriately, September 5, 2015 and our deadline will be February 5, 2016. We’re excited about it!

Stay tuned …