Internet, your writing friend and foe

Karalee’s Post #108

I’m back from holidays, energized and full of new ideas and ways of looking at my characters. For me a holiday is a change of routine, a gift of time to explore.

And exploring can be anything you want it to be, from bungee jumping to simply sleeping in and reading a new book or rereading a favorite book only to discover something new about it.

My husband and I chose to have a holiday on land on Martinique for a few days before joining friends on their catamaran for the rest of our time away.

The choice was great. On land we were happy campers, driving to see the sights and having the luxury of a somewhat consistent internet connection when back in our hotel room. We could keep up with email and Facebook, etc. Writing was still an option without resorting to pen and paper.

We were away, but not getting away from it all!

Then, when we stepped onto the boat, all our internet connection was pay-as-you-go through my husband’s phone. In effect I was cut off cold-turkey.

At first it didn’t bother me. A couple of days went by with me catching up on sleep, visiting with our friends, playing board games, eating/drinking, and reading real books. Oh, I got the pen and paper out too, and jotted down some ideas.

In effect, I was okay being disconnected from the www.

Then some withdrawal signs crept in. My routine was disrupted. I was used to checking my email and seeing what was up on Facebook. I was used to looking up stuff on the internet.

I wanted access.

And with access denied, my desire was compounded. It made me realize how much time I spend on the internet on a regular basis. Time that used to be spent reading, visiting and interacting with real people, and even doing stuff like cleaning my house and working in the garden. Or writing!

Yeah, writing!

Every day still has 24 hours, so no time to spend on the internet meant I had to do other stuff. It’s refreshing not to be “interrupted” from reading. I read different books, like What Would a Buddha Do? and Living in Gratitude. Guidebooks were pulled out and books on the birds and fauna. I took more time to meditate and roll on my ball to help my back pain (not because I was bored, rather it’s something I normally avoid).

My time was spent visiting, playing games, swimming, cooking and eating, and cleaning up. And reading before sleeping and again when waking.

What pleasure!

I had forgotten how awesome it is to have an old-fashioned holiday!

I wonder how many of us really disconnect from the pull of the internet when we take time off?


Writing Progress: I have had a personal breakthrough in flushing out theme in my writing and I’m looking forward to paying attention to this aspect not only regarding my protagonist’s story, but how my secondary characters’ stories fit in too. Back to writing routine too!

Fun stuff happening: Our middle son is graduating from UBC next month. We’re planning a big party before he takes off traveling May until August. To be young again…

Treats eaten: too many on holidays. Back to less of everything!

Perspective Photos:

boat and nets















Happy writing.


Writing without Word

Karalee’s Post #107

IMG_2236For the next three weeks I’m on a winter break holiday, which means leaving Canada for somewhere warmer! That said, I’ve flown from +10° C in Vancouver with daffodils and crocuses in bloom to -6° C in Montreal (but on my way to Martinique)! A good dose of winter here, and a reminder of why I left the Kootenays where I grew up before deciding to move to Vancouver. I definitely prefer the rain and grey to the snow and freezing temperatures.



Tomorrow I heaIMG_2124d to the Caribbean where temperatures are more like +30° C, but my internet connection will be intermittent at best. So, I’ve planned ahead to not only think about my story (that I’m very excited about), and download what I’ve already written onto a memory stick in case I have access to a computer, I’ve also planned and brought PEN & PAPER (yeah, that’s right!) to scribble new ideas and maybe a couple of new scenes while I’m out lounging in the sun and reading my Kindle or a real paper book!

So, I will have no MS Word to use as I have not brought my computer and don’t plan to write on my iPhone as I do have my limits as well as poorer eyesight than a decade ago! I must admit though, I still LOVE the written word that is actually written on paper! Somehow the words stick more in my brain than when merely typed on virtual paper.

What about you? Do you like using pen and paper?

Writing Progress: I sent out my first couple of chapters to my 5Writers to get feedback by the time I get back and down to business again.

Treats eaten: they don’t count on holidays, right? Neither does wine….

Perspective Photos:

















Happy Writing!