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Karalee’s Post #107

IMG_2236For the next three weeks I’m on a winter break holiday, which means leaving Canada for somewhere warmer! That said, I’ve flown from +10° C in Vancouver with daffodils and crocuses in bloom to -6° C in Montreal (but on my way to Martinique)! A good dose of winter here, and a reminder of why I left the Kootenays where I grew up before deciding to move to Vancouver. I definitely prefer the rain and grey to the snow and freezing temperatures.



Tomorrow I heaIMG_2124d to the Caribbean where temperatures are more like +30° C, but my internet connection will be intermittent at best. So, I’ve planned ahead to not only think about my story (that I’m very excited about), and download what I’ve already written onto a memory stick in case I have access to a computer, I’ve also planned and brought PEN & PAPER (yeah, that’s right!) to scribble new ideas and maybe a couple of new scenes while I’m out lounging in the sun and reading my Kindle or a real paper book!

So, I will have no MS Word to use as I have not brought my computer and don’t plan to write on my iPhone as I do have my limits as well as poorer eyesight than a decade ago! I must admit though, I still LOVE the written word that is actually written on paper! Somehow the words stick more in my brain than when merely typed on virtual paper.

What about you? Do you like using pen and paper?

Writing Progress: I sent out my first couple of chapters to my 5Writers to get feedback by the time I get back and down to business again.

Treats eaten: they don’t count on holidays, right? Neither does wine….

Perspective Photos:

















Happy Writing!

2 thoughts on “Writing without Word

    • Thanks Alison! Yes, Montreal was too cold to be much of an outdoor walking tourist. I am enjoying Martinique although I wish I had paid more attention to learning French in school. Hope you and Don are having more amazing experiences too!

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