OMG it’s Friday, my blog day!

Sorry folks, for the silence over the last three weeks. We got off the ship in Chile yesterday, with luggage and memories to last us a lifetime (the memories, not the luggage). I had lost track of what day of the week it was. Didn’t need to know. But I do have an excuse for not blogging since early December. I had to scramble for a Wi-Fi hot spot whenever we got on shore, and it was a challenge. The few times I did manage, was with iPhone in hand, and I hope to have your empathy for not writing a blog post on that tiny keyboard (sure, my teenaged granddaughter could have done it, but I wisely chose to leave her behind). The ship did have satellite Internet, but the connection was slow – like watching paint to dry on the wall. So I relied on ports of call and searching for hot spots in some pretty weird places.


Shopping in Valparaiso, Chile

Do we love South America? Yes, passionately. All of it: Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world), many others, and now Santiago. For all of its unique and quirky culture. The architecture, the art, and of course the shopping.

Fear not, I will not turn into a travel writer (the field is crowded as it is with excellent writers of the genre). But I did add a thousand and one stories to my repertoire of plot ideas. Who knows, I may dig some out for future novels. Not only stories. Character studies galore!

You have no idea.

So how about my writing? Well, I did make some progress (though less than I had planned). Found a lovely nook just around the corner from the ship’s extensive library and the excellent Barista Café. Met a former FBI person who generously agreed to be interviewed. He shared with me some awesome scientific info, tailor-made for my novel.

You have no idea. Truth is indeed often stranger than fiction.

And also on the theme of writing, we went to see Pablo Neruda’s beautiful house and gardens. What a treat. We like Santiago for many reasons. One is my passion for public transport in foreign places, and this city has an awesome subway. Emil and I are getting around this huge city for pennies a day. This is where you meet the locals and their culture. For example, you may like to learn that most people here are passionate readers. I know this, because I see countless people with their noses buried in books, whether in cafes, waiting for a bus, but especially on the subway. So there is lots of potential for our little writers group once we are published and our work gets translated into Spanish (and Portuguese in Brazil).

You should see the bookstores!

Two more days in 30C temperature, then it’s back to rain and full-speed-ahead writing.

But now we are heading for the bar to enjoy Chile’s national drink, the lovely Pisco Sour.

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My friends know me as world traveler, fiction writer, music lover, passionate cook, ex-gardener and hopeless romantic. My glass is always half-full unless it’s a chilled NZ Sauvignon Blanc, in which case I can’t help myself.

9 thoughts on “OMG it’s Friday, my blog day!

  1. Loved your blog today. Brought back wonderful memories of South America. I was working in Brazil a couple of years ago (fantastic country) and then my husband and I took the cruise you were on. I actually recognize the store in your photograph!! Can’t wait to read your novel. Keep writing.

  2. Missed your posts, but sounds like lots of good stuff happened on the cruise, so it’s all good. and most editors wouldn’t let us get away wtih what life does on a fairly regular basis. I always thought that was either unfair of the editors, or unfair of the Editor – if LIfe can do it to us, we ought to be able to do it to our characters, too. Glad you had a good time, and lots of lovely heat!

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