Priorities and the 80 Rule

Joe’s Post #15

life-balanceBalancing life and work can always be challenging. Balancing life and work and writing, even more so.

However, there’s a few times where writing or work simply has to, or at least should, take a backseat to life. That’s Christmas time for sure. Maybe a birthday or two. Maybe while on an epic vacation.

I have no regrets at all spending all of the last few days with friends and family. Did I get any writing done? No. At least not on my novel. (I honestly hadn’t even planned to get any writing done, so in one way, I achieved my goal!)

But here’s the thing. I call it the 80 rule.

dec 2012 620When I’m 80 years old and sitting on my porch, glaring at all those young’uns with their new fangled music and jeans so far down their legs they are now basically shoes, and I think back to things I regret, one of them will NOT be spending Christmas with my nieces and nephews, or driving over to see my friends and playing games with them and their children, or having coffee with people I love. That’s quality time to me, more important than doing the dishes, more important that checking my emails, more important than writing, even if I’m under deadline.

So writing, work, dishes, that freshly dropped poo in the backyard, they can all wait a bit. I have living to do.

% of Book Rewritten: 0%

Number of Turkey Dinners: 0 (I know, right?)

Pies: 0 (Another astonishing development)

Number of pounds gained from amazing non-turkey dinners: 1 (actually this is more amazing considering I was shoveling food into my face for about 48 hours straight.)

3 thoughts on “Priorities and the 80 Rule

  1. Balance in all things! However, you speak of balance as a writer who has a first draft of your 5 Writers challenge simmering on your hard drive. I speak of balance as a writer who has yet to crack Act I. Gulp. Maybe I need a little less balance and a lot more nose-to-the-grindstone. I’m so glad that you’ve had a holiday filled with friends and food and happy times. This does the heart good, and heart is everything.

  2. I agree with you generally, but i didn’t start writing until later in life, so my 80 rule isn’t as boldly felt as yours.

  3. Wish we’d had time to have coffee, but I agree – when I’m 80, hugging a trophy won’t be nearly as wonderful as the memories of hugging friends, family and cats (and the dogs of friends).

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