The End of the Beginning

Joe’s Post #14

books doneTo quote my favorite quotable guy, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Churchill.

On Tuesday, I finished my first draft. A good landmark, for sure, but there is still so much work to do to turn it into a sellable product that it’s hard to jump up and down and celebrate. I mean there’s 3 back-to-back scenes set in a library for the love of Pete! As well, one of my main characters still needs work. And then there’s the whole pacing thing and making sure that if a sword is used to slay the dragon, that sword is introduced earlier in the story.

It’s the downside of only creating a limited outline before actually writing. What I ended up writing is basically a very detailed 346 page outline. But that’s my process. I love to discover parts of the story by actually writing it. It’s fun. Like Karalee said, it’s basically looking past all the flaws and just writing.

However, that process leads to some scenes that need to be expanded, some that need to be reworked, some new ones that need to be written and some that need to be 100% tossed out. It’ll be quite a bit of work.

Still, one advantage with completing the first draft before Christmas is that I think I’ll take Christmas off. Write a few more blogs, do some fun writing, more research on agents, prepare more queries for Desert Rains. I’ll put aside the stress for a week and enjoy life, turkey dinners and friends.

Come Jan 1st, though, it’s back to the book. The fun is over. The work now begins.

8 thoughts on “The End of the Beginning

  1. How do I envy you, let me count the ways…
    While I don’t know about the rest of the 5writers, I can tell you that my modest goal is to get to the end of my first draft. Period. I am now realize that this modest goal may be difficult to reach, in part due to the fact that Nana Paula is spending 16 straight days with toddlers under the age of three.

    Wish me luck!

  2. Congrats Joe! Christmas is a time to relax with family, and a break from your story will give you fresh eyes too. Paula can celebrate with you and eat all the pies she wants as she will need the energy running after and with and maybe even ahead of those toddlers at times! Our family is off tomorrow for 3 nights in Whistler. Yeah snow!
    Best of the season to all. Happy eating and visiting.

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